Why Poreč ?

There are many reasons to visit Poreč

The almost 2 centuries old town of Poreč or once Colonia lulia Parentium today is one of the most popular Adriatic destinations. The history of Poreč started 2 centuries BC when the Roman castrum was built on a small peninsula, today known as the old core of Poreč. From its establishment, the inhabitants of Poreč lived from fishing and land cultivation, while their main source of income today is tourism.

The main Poreč streets are Cardo Maximus and Decumanus, which hide numerous monuments and sights, of which the most important is the 5th century Euphrasian Basilica, the most valuable monument in Poreč protected by UNESCO in 1997 as the world heritage site. The remains of the Neptune Temple are located immediately next to the oldest Marafor Square as well as THE GREAT TEMPLE to its northwest. The remains (part of the wall and foundations) of an early 1st century ancient temple are considered to be one of the largest in Istria. Only the fragments of the ancient temple dedicated to Neptune, the god of the sea, have been preserved. Wherever you go in Poreč, you will feel that special charm of ancient times and the modern age.

The Poreč Riviera offers beautiful coasts featuring secluded beaches as well as numerous possibilities for an active holiday. Poreč has many restaurants and taverns for everyone, while vineyards with their selection of quality and premium wines will especially delight wine lovers. Vinistra, the international wine exhibition is organized every year. The young hungry for fun can also enjoy numerous offers in Poreč ranging from Basilica and open air concerts, bars, night clubs to festivals and town feasts for their ideal pastime. Natural beauties near Poreč include the Lim Bay, the Romuald Cave and the Baredine Pit as the first Istrian speleological site turned into a tourist location. One may take a boat to the island of St. Nikola. In light of the quality of its offer, the clean sea and the number of visitors, Poreč has received multiple awards and has become one of the most popular destinations in Croatia for perfect pleasure and a perfect holiday.